10 November, 2008

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Good News About Injustice Book Review
In recent years there has been many different genocides all over the world, many people in society refer to this as an injustice. Injustice can be defined as treatment that has not been justified or warranted. The book Good News About Injustice deals with how much of a tragedy injustice is for society; and how much of a large opportunity it can be for the church. The book attempts to answer how an omnipotent and loving God lets people coerce and deceive other people.
The author takes a unique view point because of his area of work. The author Gary Haugen led the United Nations genocide investigation team in Rwanda. He also worked for the Department of Justice in the civil rights division. Currently he is the Chief Executive Officer and President of a Mission based out of Washington D.C. This very extensive background allows him to draw on many different stories to use as useful examples within his book. One of the main ways Haugen likes to relay information is to give you the facts supported by a proceeding or post ceding story or example from his experience.
Haugen starts the book off by telling a story of his experience in Rwanda. This story is a very effective method of portraying injustice to the reader. This story is not a type of injustice that only a Christian would relate to; it is something that no one can deny to be an injustice. He also uses a story of a twelve year old girl who was raped in the Philippines, and after a year later the rapist is still on the streets. These are the stories of injustice of which Haugen writes in his book.
Haugen mainly writes about injustice and then tells a story then he talks about some aspect of Christianity. In the beginning Haugen tells you about how as Christians we are the last people to just deny injustices around the world. As Christians we have the best way to determine what is just and unjust, because of the, living, breathing, Bible. God determines the people who He wants to have power and authority on earth. Then when this power and authority are used in a way which does not meet God’s standards then we consider it injustice. This is why Christians should have the best take on injustice.
Haugen also talks about characteristics of God. How he hates injustice but works it all out for the good of the people. God loves and has compassion for those who suffer from the injustices that happen in this fallen world. God will hold the people accountable for their actions of injustice, on earth or for eternity. God wants to stop the injustice when the time is right, as Christians we need to be ready to hear His call and rescues people from injustice. Haugen tells the end to the story about the girl who was raped; it took a letter from the Department of Justice to the Pilipino National Police, and a case laid out by a Christian lawyer in Washington D.C. for the police to do something on a year old arrest warrant. God wants to use His people, Christians, to stop injustices around the world but we have to be willing to do something for his Kingdom. Haugen gives ways that Christians can stop injustice.
In order to stop injustice there are several methods which can be used. First is addressing what type of injustice the situation is, Haugen mentions two options, coercion and deception. Coercion is the use to brute force, or something which holds an individual against their own, God given, freewill. Coercion has three elements the first is the form of force, second is the power of the individual using force, and third is the authority. The authority can be legitimate or illegitimate, a police officer or a thug off of the street. Deception is generally when injustice comes about using some form of a lie. Usually in order to rescue someone from injustice you will need a counter balancing force. This counter balancing force can be the police force.
In order to stop an injustice you first need to investigate and find all of the facts. You need the victim to tell their story no matter how hard it is. Then you need to experts to assist you in supporting your victim’s story this expert could be a lawyer, or doctor. You need to make a case to someone who is going to assist in the intervention.
You have several options of intervention according to Haugen. First you need to be in prayer for God to give you direction and for the situation the victim is in. The you can use several form of intervention one method is to ask the person who is the oppressor to stop. The second method is a legal interjection into the situation; this is generally used only when you have sufficient evidence to have the oppressor arrested. The third method is only applicable if you are dealing with military or police personal; it is to make their actions known to their commanding officer. The fourth is to use public shame; you make the citizens of the area aware of the actions of the oppressor. The fifth method is an economic sanction on a nation. This is only applicable when you are dealing with the actions of a state wide government. The six methods is to use a military force, this again is only an option for a government. All of these methods can be effective you just need to be able to choose the right method of intervention.
Haugen’s book is well written, he uses effective methods of communication. His premise is very true, I did not agree with everything which he said. He supported his idea with many bible verses which is a very effective form when writing to Christians. Christians need to not deny the injustices in this world, we do need to attempt to fix any injustices we can.


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